Lore 2

Xyster: Medium sized town/village.

Copper sand on the floor, dust but not in the air too much. Compound-like old but not broken buildings scatter the area (lived in, patina, polished wood). Quiet, sullen. Residents are mostly stoic but there are a few devious, malicious ones. Stoic but not moral, life is so pressure/oppression filled that they don’t care about engaging in sin, they understand it’s somewhat wrong but do it anyway. Tavern and market place. Outskirts have a lot of farmers and dusty cows/animals. Sun rises and sets through a filter of dust, red tint. Metal scrap jot out of the ground. There is well in the middle of the village.

Words to describe this place: Camphor, soft pungent, robust, relentless, immovable, adamant.

In the night it feels like the place is abandoned, but you can hear a few hooligans laughing/shouting in the distance at certain times. A medium sized graveyard sits near the town, deaths occur mostly from bar fights or natural causes.