Writing 2

Writing design: Chalky dustbone.

A giant mouth opens, yellow spiked with black tar outlines, teeth. Another mouth opens from inside, then another from that until there is a layer of spiked teeth mouths. An oyster shaped head connected to a purple tongue lifts from the last mouth. It opens up to reveal roots, then a globe-like eye, transparent with purple-green mist swirling inside.

You are underground inside a crypt. Smooth polished stone, overgrown stairs. Narrow passages, you turn a corner and come to a dead end. You see an ancient priestly statue sitting on a stone pedestal.

Multi-coloured mushrooms and plants. Selection of small flying insects glistening in the red air, their colours are blue shine on deep black and bright green with yellow detail. Candied-hardened very red trees with cyan leaves.

Three layers of M-Ice. Green, turquoise, orange-green. Under the ice is sparkling water with stardust sitting on top. The water goes 4,000 thousand meters deep, in between are schools of fish and rings of substances unknown to man.