Lore 4

Head: Half of a crusted effigy, pale, dead, mothy, hollow. The eyes are alive they scope around the room fixating on certain details then go back to spasticity. Half of the battery power originates from the shrunk head.

Body: Full-bodied, solid, rubbery porous. Makes you want to grab things and shake them a bit. Pink-tongue, cold skin grab. Nails. used nails. Living dactyl in neutral mode.

Screen: Translucent coating, arctic. Frosted over. Glistening, matte, murky. LCD module crispy. Scratch the crisp with your nails, little pinkness curls up under your nails, material burns into you. Material flying around. Glaciate, bruxism. Insertion, frame.

Cord: Lengthened cell membrane.

Chin/Teeth: Charnel ground, ghastly, church architecture. Time. Teeth-chin. Petrification.

Cartridge: Sun-baked saltbox embalmment.

Start/Select: Resumption, birth. Plump, prime.

A/B: Execute commands, action buttons. Frog kick. Sound effects, force someone’s hand. Warpath.

Arrow Buttons: Endlessness prompts, motions, movements. Select up and down, left or right. Crystal. Stylus, cryptogram. Wax crayon.

Day 20

An empty meat packet is one of the most distressing things I have ever seen, with the subtle juices. Coupled with a lived-in kitchen. The hell of my world is to attempt to like these things. The trauma, it reminds me of the words “Incomplete defecation”.