Notes 1

Current “ground” objectives:
Keep on creating artwork (Image category).
More videos and GIFs in the Dedware style.
Conceptualize and start piecing together the next game.
Work on GHEL (lore).
Produce more Dedware clothing.
Dedware assorted works (book).

Current “running” objectives (Used to strengthen/improve your physicality/mentality):
Continued exercise.
Lessen minutia.
Being “in the world” more.

Secondary objectives (Of less import, but more time consuming to achieve):
Get a girlfriend (Positive emotion).
Lessen chain sickness/More self-efficiency (Positive emotion, freedom).

Day 21

The Summer light peels the blackest dawn.

Seeing certain things plainly is genius. Seeing through artificial complexity and comparing concepts and finding that there is no difference between the complex one and the simple one.