Olm & Jar of Fungi

Rhol came to a grove near the edge of a forest, it was twilight and purple light shone through between the trees, the weather was warm, solstice leaves and a multitude of calming sounds could be heard in the pine grove.

Rhol watches flecks of pollen and dust scatter the air close to a pond, he hikes closer to examine it.

He sees two purplish pink, chromatic Olms glisten and dance in a dusky basin with a few small eels in turquoise water.

Rhol glimpses at the exhibition closer, he unseals a jar and places the fungi inside. He lowers the jar into the pond and retreats a few steps and sits on a rock.

It becomes dusk as Rhol sneaks forward to inspect the bait. A glow radiates from the dense water as the two Olm are ensnared wrestling inside the jar.

Rhol lifts up the potent jarful, closing it and securing it to his belt.

Frog Charm & Bahani Imp

He has put his frog charm in his left pocket, he touches its back to activate the charm.

The Bahani Imp sits on his throne in the deluge pools beneath the aqueduct.
Silkpigs swim next to him in the pools and underwater creep waterdogs and salamander.
Intriguing seaweed and coral grow on the floor of the cistern. There is a magical quality to the Imp and his retreat.
Rhol shows the Imp his frog sigil.