Olm & Jar of Fungi

Rhol came to a grove near the edge of a forest, it was twilight and purple light shone through between the trees, the weather was warm, solstice leaves and a multitude of calming sounds could be heard in the pine grove.

Rhol watches flecks of pollen and dust scatter the air close to a pond, he hikes closer to examine it.

He sees two purplish pink, chromatic Olms glisten and dance in a dusky basin with a few small eels in turquoise water.

Rhol glimpses at the exhibition closer, he unseals a jar and places the fungi inside. He lowers the jar into the pond and retreats a few steps and sits on a rock.

It becomes dusk as Rhol sneaks forward to inspect the bait. A glow radiates from the dense water as the two Olm are ensnared wrestling inside the jar.

Rhol lifts up the potent jarful, closing it and securing it to his belt.