Wake up, go to bed.
Thus sayeth the Demonhead.
So, the man woke up.

Eat some food, you mortal fool.
So, brewed, Satan’s tool.
So, the man ate some food.

Go to work, do the work right or I’ll take you away
This was the Demonhead’s message for the day.
So, the man went to work.

See that park bench? That’s where you will be sitting.
Rest for a while, it’s what the Master sees fitting.
So, the man sat down.

There’s a girl living over there, knock on the door.
Tell her you like her, then call her a whore.
So, the man knocked.

Eat some more or we’ll have to keep talking.
This is how, the Demon kept balking.
So, the man ate some more.

Go back home, study. Go to bed.
Thus still sayeth the Demonhead.
So, the man returned home.

Tomorrow when you awake we’ll start at the beginning.
“Climb into bed” the Demon said, grinning.
“Yes sir”, said the man.