Day 21

The Summer light peels the blackest dawn.

Seeing certain things plainly is genius. Seeing through artificial complexity and comparing concepts and finding that there is no difference between the complex one and the simple one.

Day 20

An empty meat packet is one of the most distressing things I have ever seen, with the subtle juices. Coupled with a lived-in kitchen. The hell of my world is to attempt to like these things. The trauma, it reminds me of the words “Incomplete defecation”.

Day 14

The middle name of the current world is “bad”. In order to not suffer a grotesque instant death, you must entertain badness. This is exhausting because you wish the current condition to be of goodness. The people at the top have a natural talent to tolerate evil. In order to achieve anything of value today, you must be like Napoleon sleeping on the battlefield during cannon fire.

Day 13

Sticker designs that I’m currently thinking of producing or that have gone into production. I will report back here on the status of the stickers in question at a later date.