Update videos for DREAM

Showcasing getting the “Gumball” item.
Inventory 2.
Video showing that music was added to the starting room.
Getting the “Skull” item.

Lore 4

Head: Half of a crusted effigy, pale, dead, mothy, hollow. The eyes are alive they scope around the room fixating on certain details then go back to spasticity. Half of the battery power originates from the shrunk head.

Body: Full-bodied, solid, rubbery porous. Makes you want to grab things and shake them a bit. Pink-tongue, cold skin grab. Nails. used nails. Living dactyl in neutral mode.

Screen: Translucent coating, arctic. Frosted over. Glistening, matte, murky. LCD module crispy. Scratch the crisp with your nails, little pinkness curls up under your nails, material burns into you. Material flying around. Glaciate, bruxism. Insertion, frame.

Cord: Lengthened cell membrane.

Chin/Teeth: Charnel ground, ghastly, church architecture. Time. Teeth-chin. Petrification.

Cartridge: Sun-baked saltbox embalmment.

Start/Select: Resumption, birth. Plump, prime.

A/B: Execute commands, action buttons. Frog kick. Sound effects, force someone’s hand. Warpath.

Arrow Buttons: Endlessness prompts, motions, movements. Select up and down, left or right. Crystal. Stylus, cryptogram. Wax crayon.

Lore 3

Fumes of spirits, acidic in nature, green bubble out of the pit behind the castle. Layers and layers of mysterious flowers and plants crust over the ground around the lake to make it into a rubbery mound.
The beast itself is slippery and gangrenous, it fills the entire lake, creating a tent of bitter membrane while under water, and out of water it resembles a great sick dark being like a large old dog, staring at you strikingly with it’s one big eye.

Skin: Icy but with the coarse quality, like wooden ice cube. Pale purple to pink maybe has a glow to it, maybe has a translucency to it, you can’t be quite sure.

Eye: Wrinkled fish bowl, hollow like a bell. Signalling, with the iris moving slowly. You aren’t even sure it can see anything.

Limbs: Beastly, grungy, extremely long, discoloured. They seem almost dead, like they don’t belong to it. They spasm and twist periodically.

Mouth: A inside out gurgling spiralling pit of despair and sadness, terror of every kind, It’s breath smells like excess and bone. It would gulp creatures whole and let them irritate and burn in its acidic furnace stomach.

Lore 2

Xyster: Medium sized town/village.

Copper sand on the floor, dust but not in the air too much. Compound-like old but not broken buildings scatter the area (lived in, patina, polished wood). Quiet, sullen. Residents are mostly stoic but there are a few devious, malicious ones. Stoic but not moral, life is so pressure/oppression filled that they don’t care about engaging in sin, they understand it’s somewhat wrong but do it anyway. Tavern and market place. Outskirts have a lot of farmers and dusty cows/animals. Sun rises and sets through a filter of dust, red tint. Metal scrap jot out of the ground. There is well in the middle of the village.

Words to describe this place: Camphor, soft pungent, robust, relentless, immovable, adamant.

In the night it feels like the place is abandoned, but you can hear a few hooligans laughing/shouting in the distance at certain times. A medium sized graveyard sits near the town, deaths occur mostly from bar fights or natural causes.

Lore 1

Name: Ghel
Species: Fiend
Sub-type: Workshop
Background: Pink-slime birthed rancid horned creature, with a predisposition to invent and tinker.